Our Eco Position

Our Eco Position
Atreyu will offer subscriptions to our shoes for Athletes to re-up at a higher rate than traditional buying tenancies. If you are considering the Eco-waste impact, we commend you! We have a very specific position on this. It is very important to us.

Running shoes are now built to last. They're built to perform. However, Over 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced each year. Unacceptable, since a large portion of the planet doesn’t even have access to them. That's roughly 3x as many people living on this beautiful rock. Our sole mission is to TIGHTEN up the supply chain to deliberately provide an alternative to wasteful production. This is fundamentally why a subscription is special. It helps us forecast our orders with NO back stock waste like the retail supply chain giants. It’s insanity that so many shoes go unworn. Furthermore, our shoes will be offered with PAID return postage BACK to us (USA athletes). We will clean/sanitize/repackage the pairs to distrobute them to those in need of footwear. Thus, the life-cycle of our shoe will be used for as much good as possible from performance to outreach. All of the Eco-friendly practices on the market (that aren’t even widely available at scale) won’t be able to compete with our deliberate supply chain objective... unless they decide to do so.

In short, by asking athletes to purchase our “lower mileage” product and use more deliberately, we can change the way runners buy shoes, and therefore combat the main villain: wasted back stock product sitting there in limbo collecting dust, only to go to a landfill without living out its purpose.

Welcome to the greatest paradox in running shoe manufacturing. Quite a few companies tout marketing campaigns that offer biodegradable/recycled footwear (while doing very little to refine the tech to be available for other manufacturers, or even use themselves at quantities that make sense to public purchase), but very few are talking about WASTE in the manufacturing.

We firmly believe the initial revolution is in utilizing a deliberate supply chain ordering system, but there is much excitement/innovation to come for Eco-friendly practices in the near future for sustainable materials implementation.