Official Reviews

Here's a narrative on the review history of Atreyu during our startup period. It's been a wild ride fueled by massive positivity!

First up is our friends at Believe In The Run. Dave Ames was among the first athletes to ever put our shoes to the test. Here is Dave's written account, and Thomas was able to contribute to the dialogue after he received his pair a few weeks after!

Instead of merely shipping Thomas his shoes, Michael of Atreyu decided to fly Thomas' pairs up to him and meet the Believe In The Run team... While in Baltimore, that crew was able to create this video interview and share a few good words on the subject! At the time, the subscription service was going to be offered at $75 dollars. It was a few months later that we decided to move that price point to $55... wild ride!

Next up we have Sam Winebaum and the team over at RoadTrailRun. They were the first to release a video review featured on YouTube. This was very exciting for Atreyu, because when Sam released the video it was the first account for the public to begin to understand what the brand is all about!

After Sam had his turn with the shoe, he shipped it over to size 9 tester Michael Ellenberger for a written review of his experience with the shoes at 100 miles of use. Check out Michael's written review here!

Next up we have Emily Heller with her Run Like Heller review channel on YouTube! This was very exciting because Em was the first female to take the Atreyu's for a spin! The result was greeted with abundant positivity in her First Impression Video! A few weeks and many runs later, we got her full review. We felt like we were building momentum with performance reviews, while affirming the idea that a shoe doesn't have to be designated as a male or female specific model for a daily trainer/racer if the heel counter is less rigid like ours is.

When Jeff Dengate and the Runner's World team heard about Atreyu, we quickly jumped at the opportunity to send a few pairs. While the Runner's World First Look only incorporates about 3 runners, we found their feedback to be very important. Among many positive notes on the brand and the shoe, this was the first time we received negative feedback about the ride. They labeled Atreyu as a newcomer to the industry with a lot to learn and we took it as a badge of honor. We are new. We are learning. We will never stop learning and pushing our limits. Soon after our launch (when we have the inventory) Atreyu will send Runner's World an entire size run for the official review process and we are eager to get their full review. 

A few months later we got more sample sizes made. That process took a while as we anxiously awaited more shoes to send out into the world. But that wait was totally worth it when we saw Seth James Demoor's initial impression of the shoes on his channel. We were so stoked to see the brand really come to life at this point with an abundantly positive online presence. 50 miles later, Seth did his 50 mile review. Lightest shoe of 2020? AW YEAAHHHH... we love this one as it is filled with constructive feedback and Seth's positivity.

Let's speak about Triathlon Taren for a bit here too... what a pleasure it was to see his initial video review of the shoe! When Michael, founder of Atreyu, was initially training for his first Ironman Triathlon long before our company's start-up era, Taren's correspondence and information helped Michael get through that first brutal training cycle. It was pretty surreal to see him say that Atreyu was his new favourite running company of 2020!!! This was some serious motivation for the launch of Atreyu!

Last but not least, our most recent feedback came from Hollie's written review on her Fueledbylolz account. In an ongoing effort to test the shoes with dedicated runners like Hollie, we were so excited to see our shoes included in her current rotation!

With this constructive and overwhelmingly positive feedback we hope to build you a brand we can all be proud of!

Thanks for following along and thanks for believing in us! We will give this everything we have.

-Team Atreyu